Woman sues Dallas Cowboys for third-degree burns


A Dallas woman sued the Dallas Cowboys earlier this month after she allegedly suffered third-degree burns on her buttocks after sitting on a black marble bench outside Cowboys Stadium prior to an August 2010 scrimmage.

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The Complaint, which was filed in Tarrant County, Texas, alleges that that the Cowboys and team owner Jerry Jones were negligent in failing to warn Plaintiff Jennelle Carrilo of the danger of sitting on the bench that was exposed to the exceptionally hot August sun either by posting a sign or roping off the bench to prevent individuals from sitting.

The injury occurred on August 10, 2010, which had a high temperature of 101 degrees in Dallas. Plaintiff alleged that she did not realize the burns until she stood up to use the restroom.

Upon realizing she was injured, the Plaintiff left the stadium to go to Huguley Memorial Medical Center, where she was initially diagnosed with first-degree burns. Several days later, however, she began to feel dizzy and experience significant pain. She returned to the hospital where she was diagnosed with third-degree burns. She has since required skin graphs.

The Plaintiff has demanded a jury trial.

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