What Evidence do You Need for Your Personal Injury Claim?

Each year thousands of people find themselves in court battling insurance companies to receive compensation for personal injury claims. While some claims are successfully settled without either party entering a courthouse, there are times when a company is determined to avoid admitting wrongdoing or making payment to an accident victim. One of the best ways to protect yourself from a company attempting to challenge your claim is by gathering evidence that supports your case. Having the type of evidence you need for your personal injury claim to be seen as valid will reduce your chances of having your case dismissed or not taken seriously.


Official reports that were completed at the time of the incident are some of the most important pieces of evidence in your claim. Not only do they establish when and where the injury occurred, they also show that the person or organization responsible for your injury was made aware of the incident. Useful reports include police reports completed by officers responding to the scene of a traffic accident, incident reports filled out by supervisors or managers at a business, workers’ compensation incident reports completed if an employee is injured, and even initial reports made by paramedics responding to the scene.

Photographs, Videos, and Recordings

Any type of recording that provides visual or audio evidence of the incident is also a valuable pieces of evidence. Photographs and videos can show the conditions that led to the accident occurring along with the actions taken by those who were at the scene. Audio recordings such as 911 calls or the responses of those handling the incident can also verify your account of events and resolve disputes regarding what statements were made at the time of the incident.  Something as seemingly innocuous as a store owner or driver apologizing for your accident could potentially show that they were admitting fault.

Medical Records

Probably the most important documentation needed to prove the seriousness and reality of your claim are medical records. The records provided by a doctor prove that your injuries were real and show that you received treatment for a certain duration of time. Medical records often show how long you can expect to live with the damage caused by the incident and if it will affect your ability to work in the future. Expect to have your attorney obtain copies of records pertaining to your initial emergency treatment, follow-up care provided by your primary care physician, and records from any specialists you are required to see.

Contact an Attorney

After you or someone close to you is harmed by the negligence of another party, it is important to reach out to a personal injury attorney at your earliest opportunity. A qualified attorney can work with you to make sure all evidence is properly documented and preserved. The attorneys at Brassel Alexander, LLC have years of experience representing clients with complex personal injury claims. Our compassionate attorneys work on your behalf to obtain the settlement that you deserve so that you can focus on rebuilding your life. Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment so that we can begin working on your claim.

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