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North Carolina Lawmakers have proposed Senate Bill 33, which would bar emergency room patients from recovering damages based on the negligence of medical providers, regardless of the severity or permanency of the injury.

Our Maryland medical malpractice attorneys have significant experience representing

Plaintiffs who have been injured by a medical provider’s negligence.

Severe medical errors such as amputating the wrong limb or removing the wrong organs are the subject of horror stories, but sadly are not as uncommon as once thought, according to a recent study described in an article titled “Surgery Mix-ups Surprisingly Common”.

Although this new study surveyed patient records in Colorado, our Annapolis Maryland medical malpractice attorneys frequently represent clients who have suffered injuries due to medical errors.

In Colorado alone, researchers found that the wrong patient was operated on at least 25 times and the wrong body part was operated on at least 107 times.

The study, an analysis of 27,370 records of errors spanning 6 ½ years maintained by a Colorado medical malpractice insurance company, found that human error is often the source of these medical errors. The company relied on physicians to self-report the errors.

One-third of the mistakes led to long-term negative consequences for patients.

The kicker: Only about 22 percent of the mistakes led to malpractice claims or lawsuits.

The Brassel Alexander has personal injury attorneys who represent clients who have been injured by medical errors.
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