AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Report Finds Distracted Driving A Bigger Concern Than Ever

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s (“Foundation”) recently released Traffic Safety Culture Index, a national survey designed to assess some key indicators of the degree to which traffic safety is valued across America, distracted driving continues to be significant concern and quite common behavior among drivers.

Compiled from surveys conducted in September of 2012 of 3,896 U.S. residents over the age of sixteen, the report determined that, although Americans value safe travel, supporting measures to curtail unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding or driving under the influence, they admit to engaging in those unsafe driving practices themselves.

The Numbers
According to the report, the general public remains very concerned with distracted driving practices, with 88.5% of motorists considering cell phone use while driving a serious threat to driver safety. Further, the surveyed individuals believe the problem is getting worse, as 67.3% responded that distracted driving is of greater concern today than three years ago.

Although most drivers are concerned about distracted driving , the report found that many have adopted a double standard with regard to support of laws prohibiting such behavior, essentially asking others to “do as I say, not as I do.” For instance, almost nine in ten drivers (89.1%) surveyed considered it unacceptable to drive ten mph over the speed limit on a residential street. However, of those same individuals, nearly half (46.8%) admitted to having driven ten mph over the speed limit on a residential street in the past 30 days, and another 12.1% admitting they did so fairly often or regularly.

Of greater concern is distracted driving, due in large part to widespread use of cell phones to talk or text while driving. Over two-thirds (68.8%) of drivers surveyed admitted to talking on their cell phone while driving at least once in the past thirty days and almost a third (31.9%)stated they do so fairly often or regularly. These numbers are despite the fact that 57.9% of drivers feel that talking on a cell phone while driving is a very serious threat to their personal safety and 66% consider such behavior unacceptable.

Based upon the results of the report, it appears that the problem of distracted driving is not likely to get better anytime soon. Indeed, with the ever-increasing role that electronic devices play in the lives of the American population, it will likely get worse.

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